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10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Posted May 1, 2018

This common-sense checklist consists of things to do which you have probably thought of at one time or another. The suggestions are presented here to help you focus on them as a means to make your home not only nicer but more valuable as well.

  1. Even though your home is not for sale, take a tour of your home pretending to be a potential buyer. Turn a critical eye to the small things you’ve overlooked or learned to live with. Make a list.
  2. Most people are well aware of “problem” areas in their homes. Whether yours is a garage that needs organizing or bathroom tile that needs re-grouting, take care of it. Do the little things first.
  3. There are many excellent books and videos on how to make rooms look larger: effective lighting, easy window treatments and creating a strong visual appeal. Obtain some, and analyze the impression your home makes on others.
  4. How much storage space do you have? Is it neat, well organized and uncluttered?  If not, consider some of the easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself closet systems available today.
  5. Is the exterior of your dwelling all that it could be? If not, sometimes it is the little things that make a house look its best. Paint the trim, or just the front door. Add a bright new mailbox.
  6. Speak to your local paint or wallpaper supplier. They are often willing to provide helpful information on selection and how to do it yourself.
  7. Talk to your real estate professional about what buyers like and don’t like about houses that they see.
  8. Pay particular attention to the foundation, walls, steps, railings, ceilings and floors. If they are in need of repair, it can create an impression, even if false, that the house is not structurally sound.
  9. Your yard is another area to look at critically. Are the plants overgrown? Cut them back. Is it bare? Most counties have agricultural offices that can offer advice on the best and quickest growing plants and trees for your climate.
  10. When you’ve done all the little things that help make your home its most appealing, decide if there are major improvements which will add value when you decide to sell.

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